Higher Education In India

In India, Educational system is the most evolved and advanced system. The country is the third best provider of higher education after the United States and China. In past decades, special measures were taken regarding educational system. Higher Education In India is the most significant part of the whole education system. Higher education is the structure that is producing world class engineers, doctors, scholars, scientists and experts from every field.

Regarding Higher Education In India, the most prominent governing body is University Grants Commission. This commission is the key department that looks after whole higher education system. University Grants Commission sets and enforces standards regarding higher education. In fact, this department advises government to take action related to higher education. We can say this department is the bridge between state and center.

Higher Education In India

To improve higher education learning system, this department has created twelve autonomous institutions. These institutions work under the University Grants Commission.

The Indian progress regarding higher education is remarkable. In past decades, the most significant reforms reshaped the whole education system. The most amazing part is the establishment of 20,000 colleges in the last decade. Over eight million students were enrolled in these colleges. Honestly, this figure is impressive.

Here is the proper list of higher education institutions in India:

  • Central universities (42)
  • State universities (275)
  • Deemed universities (130)
  • Private universities (90)
  • Institutes of National importance (33)

So, this was the major types of higher education institutes operating in India. Other than that, we have 33,000 colleges, including Government degree colleges and private institutes. Out of these structures, we have 1800 colleges exclusively established for women only. These 1800 colleges are working under the universities reported under UGC in the year 2012.

Although, we got university related to every field. But the main focus of the tertiary education system is science and technology. The number of technology institutes is getting increased with time. This is why, India is growing so great in every field of life.

As said earlier, education system is the most advanced structure in India. The government try to work on every aspect related to education. Distance learning institutes are another feature of Higher Education In India. Although, online learning is not so popular. But still open universities have a huge number of enrollment. The Indira Gandhi National Open University is the largest open university in the world. It has an enrollment of 3.5million students all around the globe. This is incredible!

Indian government understands the importance of education. That’s why, its economy is growing faster due to improved and quality education system. Some of higher education universities are globally acclaimed. Such that Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Information Technology, International Institute of Information Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru university and University of Mumbai. But still no university can match the standard of world’s most prestigious universities like Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge.

The bottom line is that India has strong and powerful Higher Education System in the country. With time, the quality and standard of the universities are getting higher!

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