How To Apply For Passport Online In India?

Passport is the most significant proof of your citizenship in any country. Here, we will talk about how to get the online passport application form. The offline procedure of passport is really hectic. To avoid delays in applications, the Indian External Affairs department has launched an online portal for passport online application form. There is no need to entertain any agent, when you can do all the work yourself. The Indian passport application form will cost you only Rs.1500 in online process. Otherwise, you have to pay Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 to the passport agent.

How To Apply For Passport Online In India

We will show you how to get a passport online application form. The steps are really simple, if followed properly!

  1. First of all, you need to visit Indian Passport Seva website. You can find the link easily in Google. But for your convenience, here is the link.
  2. Now click on the Register Now Button. This button is placed on the left hand side. This will take you to the User Registration Form.
  3. Now fill the form with the correct information and click on Register.
  4. Once the registration is done, you will be directed to the Applicant Home Page. Here you will see the link for Apply for Fresh Passport/ Re-issue of Passport.
  5. Now two options are available for you. The most recommended option is a download of passport online application form. Print it out and then fill it. Once you have fill the form, now upload it. The second option is filling and submitting the form instantly.
  6. Certain legal information is needed to fill the form. Below, we have explained each term briefly for your guidance.

Filling Up The Passport Application Form:

  • Select the option whether you want Fresh Passport or Re-issue of Passport.
  • Check the type of application as Normal.
  • If you want passport in an emergency, then click on Tatkal.
  • Now check the number of pages you want in your passport.
  • Now enter your First Name.
  • Next one is Surname.
  • If, you have any other name must mention  Otherwise, check it as No.
  • The next step is giving date of birth in order of DD/MM/YYYY format.
  • If your birthplace is out of India, select Yes. All Indian citizens have to select No.
  • Now mention the name of your Village/City/Town, State, District.
  • Now check out the gender and marital Status.
  • If you are an Indian citizen, then check the Citizen of Indian by Birth.
  • Now submit your Pan Card Number and Voter ID card number.
  • Check out the employment type.
  • If your father/mother/spouse is a government official, select Yes. Otherwise, it is No for you!
  • Now mention the Education qualification of yours.
  • You will be eligible for Non-ECR Category in case you have a qualification 10th Standard or above. Otherwise, it is No for you!
  • If you have any prominent mark on Face, Neck or Shoulder, must mention it.
  • Next information needed is an Aadhaar Card Number (if any).
  • Now you need to add first name and surname of your father, mother and spouse.
  • Add the present permanent address of India, otherwise, select No.
  • Next thing is Emergency Contact Details.
  • If you any diplomatic passport or every applied for a passport but was not issued, then Select Yes for Previous Passport Application Details.
  • Next portion comes under Other Details. It involves information related to criminal activities and jail sentences. Select, Yes, if you have any record, otherwise it is No!
  • Now read the Self declaration and click on I Agree.
  • Give the name of the place and date.
  • Now click on Validate and Dave. By doing this, the E-form will be downloaded on your PC as XML file.
  1. The next step is uploading of XML E-form on the Passport SEva Services. Once you have uploaded it, you will get an ARN Number.
  2. On the Applicant Home Page, you can book an appointment using ARN Number. Rs.1500 will be charged for the meeting.
  3. Don’t forget to bring original and attested documents with you!

That’s it, this was the simple process of passport online application form submission!

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