Human Resource Development

In India, the Ministry of Human Resource Development looks after the affairs of Human resources development. Basically, this department or ministry is divided into two major sub departments. First one is known as Department of School Education and Literacy. This sub department is associated with primary, secondary, adult education and literacy. The second sub department is known as Department of higher education. As the name implies, it is related to higher education in the universities, technical education and scholarships. In this way, both departments are involved in Human resource development. The ministry of education cannot run without these two sub departments.

Human Resource Development

The Minister of Human Resource Development heads the department of Human resource development. The current minister Smriti Iran runs the department of HRD.

Department Of School Education And Literacy:

School education plays an important role in the development of the country. School education is the first and foremost part of anyone’s education. In fact, school education is the basic criteria of literacy. If any has completed the school education, it means he/she is capable of reading and writing.

The department of School Education and Literacy is responsible for operating school education in India. This department is associated with primary, secondary education and literacy rate. The school education is the foundation of higher education. That’s why, the Indian government always focused on the school education system. In past decades, this part of the ministry has done great measures to improve the quality of education in schools. It has introduced major reforms like regular attendance, qualified teachers and transparent examination systems, etc.

Department Of Higher Education:

Higher education makes the human resources into productive workforces. That’s why special attention is given to the department of higher education. This department heads the secondary and post secondary education system in India. As per eh advice of University Grands Commission, this department can give deemed university status to the institutes.

The department is the highly organized and powerful system. It has set up the world’s third largest higher education system  after the United States and China. The department is opening new opportunities for Indian students. The government has introduced major gameplays regarding higher education. Such that, it supports ventures of fresh graduates. The department has signed hundreds of MoUs to assist Indian students to reach institutions across the world. The higher education department mainly focused on technology and scientific institutions. Although, you will find university related to every field. But technology institutes are getting increased in number as per the current demands.

The higher education system is divided into three major types. These types include Central Government institutions, State funded institutions and self funded institutions. Undeniably, each one of them is performing remarkably.

Objectives of Ministry of Human Resource Development:

  • Formation of national education policy
  • Implementation of education policy in all institutions
  • Planned development about education system, mainly enhancement of quality of education
  • Taking care of special groups of population, poor, females and minorities, by giving extra privileges
  • Providing financial help in the shape of scholarships

The bottom line is that the ministry of human resource development is the structure that looks after entire education system in India!

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