Indian Education

Indian Education is operated by both public and private sectors. Both sectors are supported by three main sources. These sources include central, state and local fundings.

Indian Education is the right of every Indian between the ages of 6 – 14 years. As per the constitution, every Indian owns the fundamental right of fere education. That’s why the ration of public schools is more than private schools. Precisely, the exact ratio of public to private schools is 7: 5. It is pretty evident that Indian government pay more attention to the education system.

Indian Education

In recent decades, the Indian Educational System has evolved remarkably. Its reforms and dedicated measures towards education are commendable. If we look at the figures, they are impressive. Such that, in recent years, the attendance in primary schools have been increased. Around three-quarters of the population of age group 7 – 10 is literate. Honestly, this is great!

The improvement in Education system is the major reason of Indian economic development. This is not confined to primary schools only. Same measures are taken in higher education institutes and scientific research departments. In fact, the enrollment ratio in both higher education schools and scientific research departments has increased to 24%. This is a remarkable achievement!

Indian has large Indian Education System comprised of private and public schools. Private schools completely complement the public schools to meet the demands. Around 29% students receive education in private schools of age group 6 – 14 years. Post-secondary schools are also present for technical education. As per study in 2008, the private school market is generating revenue of US$450 million. This market is projected to be US$40 billion markets.

The most amazing fact is that 96.5% rural children are currently enrolled in schools. The age group of such kids is 6 – 14 years. Honestly, this is incredible. As per report in 2013, 22.9 crores students are enrolled in schools, from class standards 1 to 12. The increase is 23 lakh students over 2002 enrollment. The most significant achievement is a 19% increase in girl enrollment.

We can say, Indian Government pays extreme importance to Indian Education System. On the regular basis, new reforms get introduced to improve the system. Right now, the major problem is the absence of teachers. Around 25% teachers get absent every day. The administration is trying to overcome this problem. The Indian Education department has introduced tests and assessment systems to improve the quality of education.

Private schools play an important role in the education system. The difference between public and private schools can be misguiding. Honestly both are playing their roles efficiently. The private schools are highly regulated regarding quality and commitments towards education. The best part, it is easy to apply new schemes and molding the operating strategies.

The Indian Education System pays attention to special classes extremely. The seats are reserved at every level for such classes. These classes include scheduled castes, tribes, and other backward classes.

The bottom line is that India is moving with great speed in every field. The major reason is the enhancement in education system!

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