Indian Passport Application

Passport is the most important legal document regarding citizenship. Without a passport, no one can travel abroad for studies, business or trip. In fact, every citizen of India should own a passport.

Passport service is operated under the Ministry of External Affairs. We should commend the Indian Government for introducing an online system for Indian Passport Application. This online portal is known as Passport Seva. You can easily find the link address via Google.

Today, we will talk about Indian Passport Application  in detail. Passport Seva is an amazing online portal that deals with Passport affairs online. On this portal, you will have features like online application form, submission and queries related to passport. The  best part, it instantly responds to the user query.

Indian Passport Application

Apart from Passport department, there are the major departments related to external affairs. Such as Visa, OCI and PIO, etc. Each of them have outsourced services from Cox and Kings Global Services. Similarly, Indian Embassy and Consulates have taken the services of BLS International regarding Passport service. That’s why, you need to apply in Passport Application center instead of the Indian Embassy.

Application Procedure:

The Indian Passport Application  process is dependent upon following steps:

  • First of all legal documents is required for the passport application. You have attached the correct and required documents to avoid future legal complications.
  • You can send the documents to BLS International in person or by mail. The final location will be dependent upon your jurisdiction.

Application In Person:

When you are carrying an application for passport, make sure to attach photocopies of all essential documents. You need to bring the original documents too. The passport officials ask for originals for cross checking. So, bring both photocopies and originals!

You must present the original print of the passport application. The application must have attached essential documents.

The applicant should submit the application in person. But intermediate family member can present the application too. In the later case, proper authority letter and proof of relationship is required.

In case of passport for minor child, both parents must be present at the meeting. If one of them unable to attend the meeting, he/she must send the authority/consent letter to let the other parent do meeting alone.

Application By Mail:

If you are sending the application via mail, then attach the photocopies of required documents and they should be notarized. Always remember, original documents do not need to be notarized.

In case of mail application, you can send it any time, regardless of date of appointment. But we advise to send the application as soon as possible.

Be careful, the Indian Passport application center does not feature system to track applications. You need to send the application via traceable means. These means include certified mail, express mail or private counter. But, the Passport service department does not take the responsibility of the lost documents in transit. All the applications will be treated equally!

Once your application will be approved, the passport will be sent to the prescribed address. If your address gets changed, please file the application for new address.

That’s it! These are the essential and important information regarding Indian Passport Application!

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