Indian Passport Renewal Guide

Most passport holders have a lot of questions about Indian Passport Renewal. Most people find a guide about passport application easily. But only few people have information about re-issue or renewal of passport.

People ask questions as follows:

Is police verification needed for renewal?

Do I need to submit affidavit form notary?

Do I contact the agent from re-issue of passport?

The list of questions goes on. Thanks to Ministry of External Affairs, now you can apply for passport renewal online. The Passport Seva is a good news for everyone. This portal allows online dealing with passport affairs. You can get a passport application form online and related details easily on this portal.

Indian Passport Renewal Guide

Today, we are going to learn about the renewal of passport. Before, we dive into the main topic, we need to understand the difference between renewal and re-issue. Both terms have slight difference. Renewal of passport means getting a new passport, when the validity of the short term passport gets expired. On the other hand, re-issue means the exhaustion of passport pages or the expiration of 10 years validity.

The process of re-issue is super simple. You just need to follow the steps written below:

Online Registration At Passport Seva Website:

First of all, you need to create an account at the Passport Seva Website. You can find the address via Google. Once you land on the website, you will find the option of New User Register. This option will ask about your current residential address to create an account. This form will need information like Name, date of birth, login details, password, hint question and in the end register button.

You need to use the email address to activate the account. Once your account is verified, please login through login credentials.

On the home page, you will see the option of Apply For Fresh Passport/Reissue Of Passport.

Fill Application:

Now, whatever option you choose, both work the same.

You have two options here:

  • First download the PDF file and fill it offline. Then upload the filled form.
  • In next option, you can fill the form online and submit it instantly.

We recommend to use the first option. It will make the form error or mistake free.

In either case, you areĀ  required to fill the form with following information:

  • Current address details
  • Changed details about spouse
  • Most important section is reference of two people. You need to add details of both references such as Full Name, Phone Number, Address, etc. This is essential for police verification.

In cse of offline filling, in the end you will see the option of Validate And Save. By hitting this option, the XML file will get created. You need to upload this file into your account in Passport Seva.

Print Application Receipt:

Once your application for Passport Renewal is completed, the next step is payment and appointment. You will have an option of View Saved/Submitted Applications. Here you can find options for appointment and online payment. Choose what suits best to you!

List Of documents Required:

Here are the documents that needed for Passport Renewal:

  • You have to print out the application filled with the Application Reference Number. It is the most important document required for this process.
  • Original passport, for which you need a renewal.
  • You need a photocopy of first and last page of the passport, and a page with ECNR info.
  • You can attest the photocopies yourself.
  • For the proof of address, take the utility bill or bank statement.
  • In case you want the renewal to change address, take documents like utility bill, bank statement, ration card, Voter ID, etc.
  • In case the information about a spouse is changed, you need to take photocopies of original marriage certificate.

Next thing is checking the slot for appointment. Once you get the appointment slot, next thing is visiting the Passport Seva Kandra. Try to be on time or 15 minutes before! Hopefully, this guide proves to be helpful for you!

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