School Education Department

Education is the most advanced sector in the India. Luckily, Indian government clearly understands the importance of education. Knowledge is the power, that is the motto of the Indian Education Department. In past decades, the education system  has been improved greatly. On each level, educational reforms transformed the whole education  system.

Education is the key to the success. Education holds he great importance regarding economic growth, modernization and social transformation. This is not possible without the support of School education department. In the past decade, the Indian government took serious measures to enhanced education department.

School Education Department

Schools plays the major role in this system. Over 740,000 schools are working in the country. You should be  surprised such number. Just imagine, millions of students are getting education in these schools. Governing such large network of schools is not that easy. An organized governing body is needed to run such a system.

The educational system has established governing bodies in each state. So, every state own School education department. Such that, the Bengal School Education Department  looks after every affair related to education in West Bengal. This department is solely responsible for every activity related to education. It has the job to implement educational policies in primary schools.

Primary education is the most important part of anyone’s education. In fact, if anybody has completed primary education or school education successfully. The journey ahead will be easier.

The Primary educational system seems a piece of cake. But that is not the case. School education is the crucial matter for both schools and students. None of them can be careless about education.

Two decades back, the education system was not so organized or strong in India. The country was facing issue of low literacy rate. Low literacy rate means, less productive workforce. In the end, slow economic growth and advancement. The first step to fight with such issues was improving quality of education. That time, the major issue was lack of attendance. The School Education Department was advised to implement policies related to attendance. The regular attendance was maintained in schools. So, students could manage their education regularly.

The School Education Department is running various distinct entities to support the education system. These structures are assignment different mix of duties. The most significant duty is textbook and curriculum preparation. The world is moving with great pace. To keep up with the rest of the world, the country needs advanced education. That’s why, the School Education Department is focused on creating advanced text books with latest curriculum. The second most important duty is examination. Regarding examination the transparency is the crucial matter. The department ensures that examination will be conducted with transparency. This department is the head of boards and councils, which further run schools. This department plays an important role, that is recruitment of teachers. Teachers are the reason students go to the schools. If teachers are not well qualified, the idea of educated economy is useless. The department makes sure that staff and teachers are fully qualified. This department also perform functions like inspection, execution of schemes and projects, etc.  

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