Social Welfare Schemes

India is the fastest growing country. A few decades back, no one though that India will move with such great pace. One more significant contribution to such success is the welfare state. Honestly, India has everything to be a welfare state. Pick any category, and you will find welfare scheme regarding that category.

Why we are calling India as welfare state? Well, Directive Principles of State Policy are there to set policies and rules for welfare schemes in India. A proper legal structure of welfare is enough to justify that the Indian government pays attention to this part too. The welfare schemes are not just in paper. It is actually happening and being exercised on each level. The welfare schemes are contributing highly in social, political and economic development of this country.

Social Welfare Schemes

The importance of social welfare schemes is evident from the social welfare law. Social welfare services have legal support from the Government of India. Special laws and regulations have been introduced and implemented successfully. That’s why, you are experiencing great change in the India. Whether we are talking about education or health of empowerment of women or minorities, the development is happening greatly.

A significant portion of Indian constitution is dedicated to the social welfare schemes. We have explained important points as below:

  • It is the duty of the state to promote the social welfare in the jurisdiction. The state is implied to provide economic, social, political and judicial support to social welfare schemes.
  • Every citizen, man or woman, has the basic right to obtain adequate means of livelihood.
  • The state has the duty to secure the economic development. The state can pass new legislation for the sake of the welfare of the people. This point is related to economic organizations, workers related to agriculture, industrial or any other industry. The main point is to provide proper working conditions. It is a duty of the state to ensure full employment in the area by providing cultural and social opportunities. One more thing, there should be special emphasis on the promotion of cottage industry.
  • The state is implied to arrange right to work, education and public assistance in cases like unemployment, old age, disablement and sickness. But this should be done as per the economic capacity.
  • It is the duty of the State to provide special care and attention regarding education & economic interests, for weaker sections of the population. It includes Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. In this way, they can feel safe against social injustice and exploitation.

It is evident from the above facts that social welfare is closely related to weaker sections of the population. That’s why, for each section, special legislation has been passed.

Here are the different sections of social welfare law:

  • Women and Child Development
  • Scheduled Tribes Welfare
  • Scheduled Castes Welfare
  • Backward Classes
  • Unorganized Sector
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Minority Welfare
  • Differently-abled Welfare
  • Senior Citizen Welfare
  • Rural Poverty Alleviation
  • Urban Poverty Alleviation
  • NGOs/Voluntary Sector
  • Disaster Management
  • Fight Against Social Evilts

Undeniably, the Indian Government has special support for social welfare schemes.

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