Top Indian Government Jobs

People have the misconception that the Indian Government Jobs do not pay well. Well, in this case, they don’t know about the highest paid Indian Government Jobs. We have composed this article to prove the myth wrong. Please have a look upon highest paid Govt jobs in India:

Top Indian Government Jobs

Civil Services:

Undeniably, Civil Service jobs are the most respected and prestigious jobs in the India. No private sector can match the perks of these jobs. When you say IAS or IFS, the extreme esteem and pride comes in mind. These services have composed the administration structure of the country. Major national decisions are taken by these departments. Civil services include following jobs respectively:

  • IAS Officers: Being an IAS officer is the dream of every India. Although, everyone wishes for this job, but it takes a lot of hard work for this job. Policy making and administrative duties are the core part of this job. At the end, this job pays you well with benefits and incentives that no other job offers!
  • IFS Officers: IFS officers represent the Indian in foreign nations. Simply, IFS officers serve as the brand ambassadors of the India. Heavy travelling and confidential diplomatic meetings are part of this job. Its perks and handsome pay are really attractive for anyone.
  • IPS Officers: IPS officers have to duty to maintain law and order in the country. WE can say these are real warriors of the country. Their pay and incentives are not less than that of IAS officers!

State Public Service Commission:

State Public Service Commission jobs are nothing less than IAS jobs. Local govt jobs like RTO or MRO are highly paid jobs with extra benefits of residence and medical facilities.

  • PSU: Public service commission recruits a huge number of people through PSU jobs. In this category, departments of BHEL and ONCC are present. These departments offer handsome salaries and benefits. The best part,t he work pressure is not intense. Every year, these departments recruit employees through competitive examinations. Each examination has different eligibility criteria.

Government Lecturer/ Professor:

What can be more respectful than being a teacher? If you are into teaching, jobs of lecturers in Government colleges or universities are best for you. The handsome paycheck and huge number of holidays are the real charms of this job. Honestly, teachers find this job fun, as the interaction with young minds is fascinating for them.


Why don’t you become a scientist if you are a science freak? DRDO and ISRO are the departments that offer jobs for science enthusiasts. Honestly, these jobs offer pay checks better than private ones. You will et the incentives of medical facilities, accommodation, insurance and much more.

Defence Services:

If you are looking for highly paid jobs with extra benefits, Defence service job is the best option. You need to complete certain eligibility criteria to get inducted into defence services like Army, Nav or Air Force. Undeniably, these jobs are mouth watering for anyone.

In the above article, we have listed top Indian Government Jobs. Which one is your career choice?

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