Top Indian Govt Jobs

In this article, we have discussed about top Indian Govt Jobs in the India. If you are interested in highest paid jobs in the Indian government, please check them here.

Undeniably, the government jobs are attracted to anyone. Although, the IT industry has emerged as the most successful industry. Still, govt jobs have great importance to most of the people. The different govt department offers jobs for graduates in various fields. Candidates who have done MBA, MCA, engineering and many more can apply for govt jobs. The jobs are offered by different govt department like railways, police, defense, army and colleges, etc.

Top Indian Govt Jobs

The question arises, why govt jobs are important for people. Well, here are the reasons:

  • Highest pay scales
  • Job protection
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pension
  • Appointments for family members

Now coming to main crux, here is the list of best Indian Govt Jobs:

Indian Administrative Service:

As the name implies, it is the most esteemed and prestigious job in Indian Govt. Great things do not come easy, so does the IAS! It takes a lot of hard work, preparation, dedication and commitment to serve as IAS. IAS comes with a lot of benefits regarding education, health, pension and much more. An IAS officer usually runs the entire department for the district, etc.

Indian Revenue Service:

As the name shows, Indian Revenue officers have everything to do with Income Tax. An officer may get promoted to the Chief Commissioner in this job.

Indian Foreign Service:

Indian Foreign Service Officers have to work under the Ministry of Home affairs. The main objective of this job is to deal with foreign delegations. Honestly, it gives an opportunity to learn about other countries with their own people. It comes with heavy salaries that can attract anyone.

Indian Police Service:

After IAS, the Indian Police service is the most respected departments. As you all know, these officials are involved in the security of the state and public. This comes under state and central government. The transfers and promotions are pretty common  in this job.

Public Sector Unit:

PSU jobs include departments like HAL, ONGC, BEL and sail, etc. The departments are famous for their heavy incentives. With some extra effort, you can easily be inducted in Public Sector Unit.

Engineer At Railways:

India owns one of the largest railway system in the world. If you become an engineer in Railway, honestly, it is going to be beneficial for you. Around 1000 workers report to Railway engineer. You will find vacancies for all types of engineers like electrical, mechanical, civil and ECE, etc.


Jobs related to Indian Defense are also considered as respected ones. These jobs are known for their retirement benefits. You will enjoy facilities regarding lifestyle, money, status and much more.

Bank PO:

This job category for anyone who choose a banking sector for a professional career. The bank working schedules are pretty hector, Especially, on closing days. But the incentives and benefits are mouth watering.

So, this was the brief list of Indian Govt Jobs. Which one is your favorite?

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