Track Passport Application

Today, we will talk about Track Passport Application. Passport application service is operated by BLS Internation, which is outsourced by the Indian Embassy. That’s why, we have to submit applications in Passport Service centers instead of the Indian Embassy.

Today, we will discuss topics like Track Passport Application and Passport status details, etc.

Track Passport Application

Before we dive into tracking section, please understand major responsibilities of BLS International:

  • If your application gets lost in transit, BLS International is not responsible.
  • The sole purpose of BLS International is the processing of applications. It has nothing to do with final decisions. The decision of Passport Issuance is in the hands of Indian Consulates in abroad.
  • Don’t use false information. Otherwise, it will have a direct impact on judgement of Indian Consulates in USA.


You can Track Passport Application by using two methods. When you receive the appointment for application, the Reference Number is generated by BLS International. You can use following two methods for tracking of application:

  • Online: you can utilize the Reference Number and date of birth to track the passport application status on the Passport Seva Websites.
  • By Phone: You can call at the help desk or customer service phone numbers to check the status. You may call at (855) 436-0725 or (888) 683-7830.


The submission of application is in hands of applicant. But processing of application is operated by passport officials only. Even though, you have presented the correct information, the consulates reserves the right to demand more documents. These documents are necessary for verification and scrutiny of the applicant.

There is no proper timing for processing. The processing time varies from time to time.

This processing time limit is specially in the case, where prior approval is obtained from Indian authorities. In this case, the processing time limit is confined to 30 business days only.

The consulate can call applicant any time to the personal interview.

We advise applicants to make telephonic or written inquries during normal processing time.

The Consulate will reject or return the applications in following cases:

  • When the application is not complete
  • The application lacks adequate fees for application
  • Any legal deficiency

When consulate has to return the application, he/she will use postage that came with application in the first place. Originally, this postage was delivered to return back completed application.

Government of India is not liable for issues created due to delays of rejections.

In case you get the new passport, the old one will be cancelled and returned to you. Butt he visa will be retained active until the expiry date. So, it means you  need to carry both passports while travelling. So, visa in older passport can be utilized.

An applicant has to pick up his/her passport. But it is not necessary. Anyone with intermediate  relationship can pick up the passport. But authority letter with consent is needed here.

So, this way you can Track Passport Application. Due to online portal Passport Seva, people can easily track their applications. Within few clicks, you can have idea whether the application is approved or not!

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