2 Independents Join K'taka Rebellion; Numbers favor BJP
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2 Independents Join K’taka Rebellion; Numbers favor BJP

The whole Karnataka ministry expects in a bid to save the Congress-JD(S) government chief minister HD Kumaraswamy resigned on Monday even as it got another jolt while just a month ago two independents withdrew their support who were inducted to the coalition.

The two independents traveled to Mumbai to join the 13 rebel Congress-JD(S) MLAs, who put cold water on the coalition’s attempts to protect the government by rejecting the offer of ministerial berths.

The MLAs traveled in the evening to Goa from Mumbai. With independent MLAs H Nagesh and R Shankar withdrawing assistance to the government In a day of fast-paced developments, the numbers tilted in favor of BJP.
The coalition’s strength in the 224-member assembly has now come down to 103. The opposition BJP now has a support of 107 MLAs. The magic number after the compliance of 13 Congress-JD(S) MLAs from the assembly on Saturday came down to 106 from 113 earlier.

Ironically, it was the appointment of independent MLAs H Nagesh and R Shankar as ministers that triggered the continuing discordance in Congress and JD(S). The lone BSP member, N Mahesh, is also likely to extend support to BJP, which has 105 members in the assembly.

The fate of the government now hinges on the decision of speaker KR Ramesh Kumar, who will take up the matter on Tuesday. Should he accept, the resignations and the numbers remain as they are, the government will be in trouble. BJP has already insisted the speaker to take a call without any pause.

Kumaraswamy, who came back from the U.S on Sunday, where he stationed himself after meeting Congress leaders putting up his brave face in Vidhana Soudha. At the house of former deputy CM G Parameshwara, The CM met Congress assembly party leader Siddaramaiah.

“Those who want to come back can do so. All our ministers have resigned voluntarily to facilitate a reshuffle,” Siddaramaiah stated.

However, JD(S) rebel MLA AH Vishwanath, who is among the 13 MLAs who flew to Goa, said: “We all came out opposing the style of functioning of the government. Siddaramaiah, thank you. Nobody wants to be a minister.

Until Monday night, no rebel MLA replied positively to the offer of ministries though some Congress leaders declared that four or five rebel MLAs would return to the ruling camp by Tuesday morning. Some Congress insiders, however, believe more resignations will come up.

To protect the government and punish rebel MLAs Congress and JD(S) are also stated to be exploring legal options. Along with former cabinet colleagues, Parameshwara consulted legal experts M B Patil and Krishna Byregowda. They are expected to introduce a petition before the speaker on Tuesday inquiring under provisions of anti-defection law disqualification of the rebel MLAs



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