Digi Yatra Policy

digi yatra policy

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has introduced the Policy on the biometric-based digital processing of passengers at Airports called “Digi Yatra”. DigiYatra envisages a connected ecosystem improving the seamless travel experience for the passengers and simultaneously improving the security.


  • Every passenger, (Indian citizens and foreigners) become a “Digi Yatri” and enjoys the facilities and benefits of the “Digi Yatra” Program. The main objectives are as below:
  • Improve passenger experience and provide a simple and easy experience to all air travellers.
  • Deliver a seamless, paperless and hassle-free experience to all passengers across every processors/ Check-points at all Indian airports. (Including Tier-1, 2 and 3 airports)
  • Enhance passenger experience, so that they can plan their trips efficiently.
  • Receive concerned information pertaining to various facilities, protocols, airline timings, queue waiting times at the airport.
  • Gain better throughput through existing infrastructure using “Digital Framework”.
  • Walk-through security scanners slowly owing to advanced biometric security solutions.
  • Stay connected by the airport, possibly through airport Wi-Fi, engage in customized digital offerings at experience zones.
  • The outcome is in lower cost operations.
  • Avoid redundancies at Checkpoints.
  • Improve resource utilization.
  • Digitize present manual processes and to bring better efficiencies
  • Get real-time notifications about congestion & delays to have higher visibility on the next step of the journey.
  • Through seamlessly through the airport using digital guidance systems, interactive kiosks and augmented reality apps.
  • Stay connected in flights and indulge in immersive experiences.
  • Improve security standards and improve current system performance.
  • Improve security at Indian airports using “Digi Yatra ID” based Identification with real-time Biometrics.
  • Validate Boarding pass or e-ticket with the airline system in real-time.
  • Usage face biometrics for processing Passengers at Checkpoints in the airport and also extend to Passengers without AADHAAR or Digi Yatra ID using biometric validation
  • Phased rollout by all airports.
  • The rollout of “Digi Yatra” system with a digital “ID” backed by a strong verifiable government published identity like AADHAAR, passport & others, enabling a seamless travel experience for Passengers at all airports across India.
  • Target airports and users
  • The new process shall help to all Passengers at any airport in India, be it Indian citizens (With or without Digi Yatra ID) or foreign nationals
  • The layout shall simplify & ease the Passenger process equally for different Passenger types
  • First time and frequent flyers in India
  • Group travellers and families
  • Foreign citizens or tourists
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