How can you renew your Driving License?

renew your Driving License

As per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is important for drivers of any vehicle to hold a valid driving license to drive a vehicle on the road. A Driving license is an official document given by the government, which authorizes an individual to drive a category of vehicle for which he holds a license. This document is also considered as a valid identity proof. It is a must to renew your Driving license after its expiry because as per the law nobody in India can drive any vehicle without a valid DL. As per Section 177 of the Motor Act, 1988, if a person is driving a vehicle with an invalid DL (i.e an expired DL), is a punishable offense by law. Violators of the same are liable to be fined.

Duly filled the application form with the set of required documents to renew your DL required to be submitted to Assistant R.T.O. at the Driving Licence Branch in your state. Your DL will be renewed for 5 years if it is for a Non-Transport Vehicle, and for 3 years if it is renewed for transport vehicles. One can get the renewed driving license on the same evening, that is if the license is given in the same office. It needs a period of 20 days after the application has been submitted if the case is any different from the one mentioned above. The latter takes longer as it involves a process of verification and correspondence.

Driving Licence Renewal Form is taken as the KYC document when the particular vehicle owner is looking to update/renew his/her license, and the Road Transport Office (RTO) needs to understand the specifics of the current license. This simple document can be easily downloaded from the concerned RTO’s website or can be picked up as a physical copy from the local RTO office.

Form 9- Form of Application for the Renewal of the Driving Licence is a simple document involving a small number of informational queries. Of course, a large part of this communication concerns the applicant’s current DL with space for appropriate authenticators and signatures. The execution of this form must be followed up with the attachment of the requisite documents (see next section) before the procedures of the renewal of driving license can be put into action.

A list of valid documents is required to renew your driving license.

They have been listed below :

  • Duly completed DL renewal application form. This can be downloaded you’re your state’s RTO/RTA portal.
  • Applicant’s medical certificate is a must. The form for the same can be downloaded via your state’s RTO/RTA portal. Please note that this form has to be filled out by a licensed physician
  • Valid permanent driving license
  • Proof of age. This can be substantiated by any of valid government-issued document like PAN card, passport, voter ID card, etc.
  • Address proof/proof of residence: passport, driving license, electricity bill, phone bill, lease agreement, etc.
  • Passport size photographs of the applicant. Please note that the number of this differs from one state to another.
  • If the permanent license holder has altered his address from one place to another, the same must be registered within 1 month at the RTO/RTA at which the initial and original license was issued, or at the nearest regional office.
  • If the permanent DL holder has shifted to another state, then the aforementioned rule applies here too. Additionally, a license holder from another state has to submit a NOC (no objection certificate) which needs to be issued by the RTO/RTA at which the original license had been issued.
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