‘Jab jaagey, tab savera… We’re first to ban gorakhdhanda’

‘Jab jaagey, tab savera

The BJP’s manifesto for Rajasthan comprised a promise to ban the use of the word ‘gorakhdhanda’, saying it maligns Gorakhnathpeeth. Senior party leader Onkar Singh Lakhawatelaborates why:

In the Gorakhnath tradition, Gogaji holds the biggest place. There is not a single village in Rajasthan where Gogaji is not worshipped; GogaNavmi is also celebrated on the second day of Janmashtami. Over 65 lakh pilgrims come to Gogamedi temple (in Gogamedi village, Hanumangarh).

Gorakhnath is a symbol of sacrifice; he was an ascetic who left society… Those who similarly leave all this are concerned to as Gaurakh-panthi or Gorakh-panthi — followers of Gorakh, or one doing Gorakhdhanda… Not like current utilization… for someone who engages in an illegal activity.

We were talking to nomadic tribes when this came up. A lot of people have thanked us.

Jab jaagey, tab savera (It is morning whenever you wake up)… This is the first government which is taking such steps. We have spent about Rs 25 crore on Gogamedi temple… We will ensure that Gorakhnath is taught in Rajasthan State Board books. We have also planned a national memorial on Guru Gorakhnath.

There are some legal provisions, we’ll see those provisions. The use of the word will be a punishable offense.

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