Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

ministry of road transport and highways

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is a ministry of the Government of India, is the main body for formulation and administration of the rules, regulations, and laws relating to road transport, and transport research, in order to increase the mobility and efficiency of the road transport system in India. Road transport is a major infrastructure for economic development of the country. It drives the pace, structure, and pattern of development.

In India, roads are utilized to transport over 60% of the total goods and 85% of the passenger traffic. Hence, development of this area is of paramount importance for India and accounts for a significant part in the budget. Since May 2014, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways is Nitin Gadkari.

Functions of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways:


Deals with development and maintenance of National Highway in the country

Main Responsibilities:

  • Planning, development, and execution of National Highways in the country.
  • Extends technical and financial support to State Governments for the development of state roads and the roads of inter-state connectivity and economic importance
  • Evolves standard specifications for roads and bridges in the country.
  • Works as a repository of technical knowledge on roads and bridges.


Deals with a matter relating to Road Transport

Main Responsibilities:

  • Motor Vehicle legislation.
  • Administration of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  • Taxation of motor vehicles.
  • Mandatory insurance of motor vehicles.
  • Administration of the Road Transport Corporations Act, 1950.
  • And promotion of Transport co-operatives in the field of motor transport.
  • Evolves road safety standards in the form of a National Policy on Road Safety and by preparing and implementing the Annual Road Safety Plan.
  • Collects compiles and analyses road accident statistics and takes steps for developing a Road Safety Culture in the country by involving the members of public and organizing various awareness campaigns.
  • Gives grants-in-aid to Non-Governmental Organisations in accordance with the laid down guidelines.

Organizational Setup

  • The Secretary (Road Transport & Highways) is helped by Joint Secretary (Road Transport), Director General (Road Development), Financial Advisor, Advisor(Transport Research).
  • Joint Secretary takes care after transport administration, public grievances, vigilance road safety, and coordination & public relations
  • Accounts Wing is led by Chief Controller of Accounts who is responsible for accounts budget, work, and study.
  • Advisor (Transport Research) renders important data support to various wings of the Ministry for policy planning, transport coordination, economic and statistical analysis of various modes of transport with which the ministry is concerned.
  • Director General (Road Development ) is responsible for the Development & Maintenance of National Highways apart from Central Sector roads and Central road funds.
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