Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports functioned under the overall guidance of the Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Youth Affairs & Sports in the year. In April 2008, two different Departments, namely, Department of Youth Affairs and Department of Sports, were made under the Ministry, each Department under the charge of a Secretary to the Government of India.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports was initially established as the Department of Sports in 1982 at the time of the organization of the IX Asian Games in New Delhi. Its name was altered to the Department of Youth affairs & sports during the celebration of the International Youth Year, 1985. It became a Ministry on 27th May 2000. Subsequently, the Ministry has been distributed in Deptt. of Youth Affairs and Dept. of Sports under two different Secretaries w.e.f. 30th April 2008. The specific subjects being dealt with by these two Departments are contained in the Order of the Govt. of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961.

The Youth, i.e. those falling within the age range of 15-29 years constitutes nearly 40% of the total population of India. This group which is the most vibrant and dynamic segment of the country’s population combined potentially its most valuable human resource. To optimally tap their constructive and creative energies, the Department starts the twin objectives of personality building and nation building, i.e. developing the personality of youth and involving them in different nation-building activities. As most of the matters concerning young people are the functions of other Ministries/Departments, like Education, Employment & Training, Health, and Family Welfare, etc. the role of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is to act as a facilitator and catalytic agent.

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