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Addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for apparently believing that he knows everything, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that with that notion, he “blew a main economy of the world to smithereens” with demonetization.

In an interaction with members of the business community and professionals in Udaipur, Rahul also stated that Modi “reached into the Army’s domain and…turned their surgical strike into a political asset”.

Claiming that Modi does not understand the “foundation of Hinduism”, Rahul stated, “What is the essence of Hinduism…what does the Gita say? (It says) that knowledge is with everybody, knowledge is all around you. Our Prime Minister says he is a Hindu. Aur jo Hinduism ki neev hai, usko nahi samajhte. Kis prakar ke Hindu hai (He doesn’t understand the foundation of Hinduism. What kind of a Hindu is he)?”

BJP president Amit Shah and External Affairs Minister, who were also in Rajasthan on Saturday, hit back at Rahul’s remarks.

Shah said, as per the to PTI, “The Congress is now preaching us about Hinduism… they are giving us lessons of Gita.”

Swaraj was quoted stating, “The Congress claimed Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu who wears a Brahminical thread, but I did not know he is so rich in knowledge that now he will teach us the explanation of Hinduism. I wish the day won’t come when we have to learn the meaning of being a Hindu from Rahul Gandhi.”

Rahul made the statement on Hinduism while replying to a question on Army chief’s Gen Bipin Rawat’s recent comments on India-Pakistan relations. He stated “Mr. Narendra Modi reached into the Army’s domain and shaped their surgical strike. He turned their surgical strike into a political asset when it really was a military decision. What the Army would have liked was, ‘we (soldiers) will do it, it is beneficial if nobody knows we did it’.”

But, he agreed, “Mr. Modi didn’t want that. Mr. Modi was fighting an election in UP, and he was losing that election. He required to turn a military asset into a political asset…so he reached into the Army’s domain and said, ‘I don’t care what you think, I am going to make this public’.”

In contrast, he commented that the Congress-led UPA was “very clear” on such issues, and if it was “military responsibility, military domain, we listened to the Army”.

Rahul says, “(In) political domain, they (Army) have no business. In the political domain, if they come in, we say ‘no, sorry, please stay out’. It comes from respect of the Army – they know better than us, what required to be done in their area, and we know better than them, what needs to be done, in our (political) arena. This is the confusion in the Prime Minister’s mind.”

He commented, “The Prime Minister is convinced that he knows better than the Army, what needs to be done in the Army’s area (of expertise); better than the Foreign minister regarding what required to be done in the Foreign ministry; better than the Agriculture minister about what needs to be done in agriculture – this is because he has a sense that all knowledge comes from his brain. He has a belief… that Duniya ka, sansaar ka poora ka poora gyaan mere dimag se nikalta hai (that all the word’s wisdom flows from my head).”

He also said that Union ministers were locked when Modi announced demonetization in 2016. “…Cabinet (ministers) didn’t know anything… You blew a major economy of the world to smithereens. Why? Because you think all knowledge comes from your brain,” Rahul said.

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