What is Sabarimala Controversy all about?

sabarimala controversy

In few years, a petition was filed in Supreme Court by the Young Lawyers Association seeking entry for women in the temple premises and keep the temple open to all, to which the court has questioned the temple authorities over the long-run restriction on women with menstrual cycle from visiting the historic Sabarimala temple to offer prayers to Lord Ayyappa. Questioning the temple”s tradition, the court stated that no temple can restrict women from offering prayers.

The temple has a tradition that only girls before getting in puberty i.e. below the age of 10 and ladies above the age of 50 (senior women) are allowed to climb up the hills to Sabarimala is the practice that has been followed, in respect of Sabarimala pilgrimage. Women between 10 years and 50 years are not permitted in the temple premises as they are under their periodic cycle.

The path to the top of the hill – involves 41 days of celibacy, cooking one”s own food, wearing all black, not wearing footwear, not trimming or shaving body hair and nails and wearing the sacred garland (mala). The observation of hard reparation, fasting, and continence, one learns to control his senses. He gives up his lust and other human desires. One restricts self to attain self-realization.

On the other side, it is called online casino that Lord Ayyappa was a “Nitya Brahmachari”, hence women in menstrual cycles are kept away from the temple premises. Reason being, women bleed their impurity in those 4-5 days, temples related it as unclean and they won’t be able to abide by the rituals of 41 days of fasting before putting their foot towards the shrine.

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