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Administrative Training Institute (ATI)

Administrative training institute is situated at Chamundi hills. It has a campus of 35 acres. It is the main training institute in the state of Karnataka. Many training programmes are undertaken by this institute. These programmes include a foundation course for gazette juniors of state civil services, orientation courses for IAS/ IFS, refresher courses for seniors, training for trainers etc. ATI offers training programmes for grade A and Grade B officers. There are about 28 district training institutes that offer training programmes for group C and group D officers. ATI also provides training programmes for disaster management, DoPT training. TDP, ITP etc. It also undertakes workshops and training. The infrastructure of the institute is equipped with technologically advanced equipment’s and necessities and also with qualified trainers. There is also a library and a computer lab available in the campus. The classroom to has all facilities like projectors, audio systems, computers, air conditioners etc.

To Know more visit https://atimysore.gov.in