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Adopt globalisation with humanity at centre: PM Modi at G20

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called upon the G20 leaders to adopt a new form of globalisation with human beings at the centre of the vision of prosperity and cooperation to reduce the economic hardships resulting from COVID-19.
During the virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit convened to discuss the challenges posed by the outbreak of the coronovairus pandemic, PM Modi urged the leaders to forge a global coordinated response to the disease that has killed over 21,000 people and infected more than 470,000 globally..
PM Modi also asserted the need to freely and openly share the benefits of medical research, develop adaptive, responsive and humane health care systems, promote new crisis management protocols and procedures for an interconnected global village, strengthen and reform intergovernmental organisations like WHO.
The leaders, including US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, also agreed to contribute to the WHO-led COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund on a voluntary basis.
At the meeting, the G20 leaders agreed to take all the necessary measures to contain the pandemic and protect people. They also supported strengthening of the WHO’s mandate in the fight against pandemics, including delivery of medical supplies, diagnostic tools, treatments, medicines and vaccines.
The leaders also committed to use all the available policy tools to minimize the economic and social cost of the pandemic and to restore global growth, market stability and strengthening resilience.
The G20 countries committed to inject over USD 5 trillion into the global economy to counter the social and economic impact of COVID-19. They also agreed to contribute to the WHO led COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund on a voluntary basis.
The PM thanked the King of Saudi Arabia for convening the session of G20. Earlier, PM Modi had a telephonic conversation with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on the coronavirus outbreak.

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