Spices Board

Spices Board

Spices Board (Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India) is the flagship organization for the development and worldwide establishment of Indian spices. The Board is an international link with the Indian exporters and the importers abroad. The Board has been spearheading activities for the excellence of Indian spices, involving each segment of the industry. The Board has generated quality and hygiene the cornerstones for its development and promotional strategies.


  • Encouragement of exports of spices and spice products
  • Maintenance and analyzing of quality of exports
  • Development and implementation of better production methods, by scientific, technological and economic research.
  • Guidance to farmers on getting higher and better quality yields by scientific agricultural practices.
  • Provision of financial and material support to growers.
  • Promoting organic production and export of spices.
  • Helping infrastructure for processing and value addition
  • Registration and licensing of each and every spice exporters.
  • Helping for studies and research on better processing practices, foolproof quality management systems, improved grading methods and effective packaging techniques.
  • Production of promotional and educative materials in a variety of media for the advantages of exporters and importers.

Package of services for importers:

  • Assists importers and exporters in establishing mutual contact.
  • Identifies competent supply sources for specific needs of importers
  • Processes and forwards foreign trade inquiries to reliable exporters.
  • Organises a common platform for interaction between Indian exporters and international buyers through the World Spice Congress.
  • Examines each complaint from importers for corrective and preventive action.
  • Spearheads the quality enhancement programme for Indian spices.
  • Manages a comprehensive and updated data bank for exporters and importers.
  • group together international bodies, exporters and policymakers through contact group programmes.
  • create India’s presence felt in major international food fairs; conducts food festivals and cooking demonstrations.
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