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Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA)

This website is about the airport economic regulatory authority of India. This site gives information about the services and functions provided by AERA. Latest consultations, orders and public notices concerning the authority can be viewed on this site.
Airport economic regulatory authority of India (AERA) was established in order to enhance airport facilities in India, to manage financial schemes and plans of airports, to supervise and manage the economic plans involved in the development of major airports, to ensure that quality of standards at the airports is maintained. The site provides a comprehensive overview of court/tribunal orders and concession agreements. The list of major airports throughout India is also provided. Details of acts, rules, and guidelines given by AERA are provided. One can also go through tariffs, tariff orders, and consultations. Information about organizational setup and key officials is also available on this website.

To Know more visit https://aera.gov.in