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Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped (AYJNIHH)

The website is owned by the Ali Yavar Jung Institute for the Hearing Handicapped and the aim of the website is to provide people with information about the functions of the organization and its activities. The website also provides information on the education provided to the hearing, handicapped people.
For the information of the public about the power trickles down the organizational structure for smooth and easy management of the institute, the website provides the hierarchy. It also provides information on the regional centers that the institute has developed for the assistance and the provision of services to the people of different regions. The website provides a link for information on tenders for those who are looking to work with the government-owned institute on different projects. Apart from this, the careers opportunities in the institute are also advertised for the public to apply. Contact details have been provided for further information.

To Know more visit https://ayjnihh.nic.in