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Are You Lonely And Looking For A Perfect Date? It’s Self-Destructive


We are our greatest enemy- and you would agree with it more if you constantly get indulge in self-destructive behavior. The widespread symptom of this behavior is the slop of happiness, goodness, and life itself which goes down on the graph.



Not that we don’t realize what we do to ourselves. For instance, at the moment when we get to indulge in the coping mechanism to combat loneliness, deep inside, we know we are just hurting the self one more time. Moreover, after all of it, we tell ourselves this has to stop. Of course, Yes!

If you’ve come so far you know it inside that one-time emotional damage that we cause to ourselves can (sometimes leads to life long misery).

 With the healthy thought that you want to break this vicious cycle of self-harm. Welcome to the next step. 

It is important to identify your behavior to change them for a better tomorrow.  

based on the studies, we have made a list of 6 cases which could be the root cause of your self-destructive behavior.

1. Want to be liked at the cost of true happiness. 

Please do not expect to be admired after making someone happy. “Feel good” moment comes from within. The more you give, the more happiness follows you. in the words of Shakespeare, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.”


2. Maybe it’s a good time to leave toxic relationships.

While putting happiness in the first priority, it should be your biggest concern to combat your insecurity for being lonely. Most of the time, when we find ourselves lonely, we end up getting involved with the people where toxicity makes a home. In that case, one should understand their worth. It’s a vast world, do not settle for less. Let the toxic ones go and invite what feeds you with energy.


3. The coping mechanism is just a little cherry on the cake.

So, you get drunk, you get high, all of it consumes your excessive energy, and at the end of the day, you crash on your bed – All lonely broke and utterly disappointed. You curse yourself even more by getting convinced on the thought that escaping with drinks and drugs is your real problem; however, you might want to think again. You are always on the right ground to ask yourself, do you drink because you want to forget something! You smoke- is this because you do not have any other stress management skills? Also, excessive dating- is this because you’re afraid of being lonely?



4. Taking your loved one for granted

Is it so? have you ever asked yourself? Maybe, your defense system might back you up with a positive note, but that isn’t true.


Because, if it had been the case, you wouldn’t have felt lonely if you would have taken your loved ones seriously. 

Here it means, respect the feelings of people who are there for you. Ditching them to please other people is not a healthy idea.



5. You are trying to care about everything.

Your willpower is a limited resource. You only have so much in a day. Rather than using it to try to become good at everything, decide what matters most to you, focus your attention on that, and let everything else slip away.



6. Wasted trials on aimless goals

Okay! This one is straight. First! You need to calm down. Deciding the right path for yourself can be tricky, especially when there is so much already available to fancy. In the times when nothing seems to tame you, or everything fancies you at the same time- try and figure out what keeps you grounded and happy. 



7. You forget all your victories

You are not the person you were 5 years ago. You really evolve as your self-image does, so make sure that it’s an accurate one. Give yourself credit for everything you’ve overcome that you never thought you would, and everything you’ve built that you never thought you could.



This is true we can be our greatest enemy- but at the same time when we are lonley, we are with the best company ever. Don’t be afraid to be with yourself.


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