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Bihar: Hindus Are Taking Care Of Muslim Heritage


In a rising occurrence of communal harmony, the Hindu residents of Mari village in Nalanda district in Bihar, are making all efforts to look after a mosque.

Due to unemployment, the Muslims left the village, hand over the mosque to Hindus village. They not only came forward to help maintain the mosque but also sustained the holiness of the religious structure.

The people here are making all their effort to take care of the mosque with as much heart and soul as the people who had left it behind had done.

They ensure that the walls are painted, they clean and sweep the premises of the mosque and do not forget to play Azaan at the right time.

Without being aware of the namaz routine, these people use a pen drive which leads them through the entire process. By this way, they gather in the mosque to pray together, just like their Muslim brothers.

Ramveer Kashyap from Nanheda Village in Muzaffarnagar has taken up the sole responsibility of taking care of the century-old mosque in his village, which he saved from destruction in 2013 by putting up a firm stand against a group of fanatic rioters.

Even after 70 years after partition, the mosque in Ludhiana’s Hedon Bet stands tall and strong. The Muslims in the village left during separation. Since then the 1920 mosque is owned and guarded by the Sikhs of that village.

According to the villagers, more than 50 Muslim families lived in the village though they left for Pakistan during the separation in 1947.

While incidents of communal violence and intolerance have disrupted us on several occasions, instances like these restore our faith in humanity.



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