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Board of Practical Training (BOPT), Easter Region

The Board of Practical Training was devised under the authority of the Ministry of Education, Government of India in order to provide the fresh engineering graduates and diploma holders with training that would help them grow various relevant skills. The aim was to make the graduates able to compete with others in the industry with a set of tools and skills that are required to make their way into professional installations. In addition to training, stipends are provided as well so that the jobless graduate may be able to make both hands meet. In addition to the head office, there are four regional offices that have the authority to conduct training sessions independently in order to facilitate a batch of fresh graduates and diploma holders. One other aim of these training programs is to lessen the communication gap between graduates and industries. There are open houses conducted by the board which helps students to communicate with the industries.

To Know more visit https://bopter.gov.in