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Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh

The website serves the Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh and aims at the provision of information regarding the Board’s responsibilities and activities that it conducts for the academic and examination process. The website provides the Act in which provisions were made to empower the board and make it a body which can implement its policies.
The home page shows the result statistics of the high school examinations of the current year and the link to details of assets of the employees in an attempt to provide transparency to the people. The homepage also highlights the notifications’ section for the people to see whether there is an update which concerns them. The examination section guides people with the admissions and details about the examinations of the current year. In an effort to assist students, study material like the syllabus and answer books have been provided along with question bank for the students to prepare for the exams.

To Know more visit https://mpbse.nic.in