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Board of Secondary Education, Odisha

The corporate website is owned and run by the Board of Secondary Education of Odisha. The aim of the website is to provide people and especially students with the information regarding secondary education examinations and other different matters.
For the information of the people, the act that gave the board its powers and allows it to play a vital role in secondary education has been provided on the website. The price chart of textbooks that are part of the curriculum is also provided. The website provides a link for information on recognition of colleges by the board. The relevant matters have been discussed in detail and the website has stated clearly, the requirements for enrolment in class VIII. The website also provides examination admit cards to candidates and the application forms for the Teacher Eligibility Test. The conduct of Teachers ‘Certificate Examination has been regulated and the regulations have been provided online for information.

To Know more visit https://bseodisha.nic.in