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Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET)

The website is owned by Central Institute of educational technology and it aims at the utilization of education technologies. The institute arranges activities that widen educational opportunities and improve quality of education at school level.
The website provides people with information the website displays its mission and the vision to visitors of the website and the different divisions that the people are yet to be briefed about. Details of the advisory programme have also been added to the website. The website also provides information on projects that have been taken up in year 2014-2015. SIET branches in different states have been talked about and five different branches have been mentioned. The announcements regarding job opportunities at the CIET and the tenders that it has for the people to bid on are all made here. The website also informs those who are concerned, about the events that the CIET organizes. A link for the information of the faculty has also been put forward for the public.

To Know more visit https://ciet.nic.in