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Chitrakoot District, Uttar Pradesh

The website is dedicated to Chitrakoot District and is supported by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The website provides all the details, information on the District and its activities. The website provides information on the district’s History, Geography, Tourist Information, Politics, Education, and much more. The website provides various telephone numbers related to the site. The website flashes various news and updates on events held in the district. The website is a great portal for getting information on the District. The website contains sections which provides information on Board of Revenue, NIC State Unit, Department of Industrial Development, Registry Office, Agriculture and much more. The website provides an RTI service portal. The website provides information on various official website links which diverts the users to them. This makes it easy for the users to find information on associated sites easily.
The website also consists of a digital diary. The website provides various lists on villages, Biogas beneficiaries, Anudeshak selection list and much more.

To Know more visit https://chitrakoot.nic.in