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Citizens Charters in Government of India

This official website provides information on the Citizen’s Charter of various governmental bodies, organizations, and institutions. The Citizen’s Charter of each organization is aimed at creating an understanding between citizens and governmental bodies through the stipulation of rules and policies governing the body and the rights of citizens in relation to those bodies. Citizen’s Charter enforces existing laws and policies by familiarizing citizens with these laws, policies, and rights. The website provides access to different Citizen Charters of different governmental bodies. Link to the Department of Administrative Reform and Public Grievances is aimed at allowing users an easy access to the mechanisms through which public complaints and grievances are managed and addressed by the government. Users can search for required specific information through the website. The website also allows users to browse through FAQs and locate contact information for various officials in the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances.

To Know more visit https://goicharters.nic.in