CM Declares Waive Off Water Bill Arrears Surcharge
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CM Declares Waive Off Water Bill Arrears Surcharge

Water Bill
Water Bill

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated a waiver for arrears of water bills and Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC). He said that the move was meant to bring more users into the billing network by functional water meters in all households across the Capital.

The principal deduction would be expanded to households categorized from A to H; while households categorized under E, F, G, and H will get 100% deduction, households under D will get 75%, C will get 50% and A and B will get 25% waiver on the principal amount of water arrears.

Suitable Users

There were 70,082 users under the A and B categories, 76,425 users under the C category, 3,44,271 users under the D category and 17,69,981 users under the E, F, G and H categories said by the Chief Minister.

The LPSC waiver will implement to users from all categories, Mr. Kejriwal said, combining that for commercial connections, the LPSC will be waived off, but up to 31st March of this year principal amount required to be paid in 3 installments before November 30, 2019.

Inexact Metering

“This scheme will help the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) increase its revenue by ₹600 crore through the recovery of arrears. With this scheme, artificial arrears and wrong metering will be a story of the past. I will write to all customers to encourage them to be part of the mainstream,” the CM said at a press conference here.

The scheme that brings more households to the billing network, along with the enhanced billing efficiency, will improve the financial management of the DJB which has achieved 95% of the billing efficiency from 80% and expected to increase the same to 98% very soon,” he said further.

According to Mr. Kejriwal, the Delhi government had initiated the placement of tabs for all meter readers letting them take photos with location description which, he said, not only forced the meter readers to go to the spot but also facilitated the computerization of the entire system.

Now, he revealed, the arrears had collected at the consumers’ end and displayed in bill books.

The reasons for this could be due to conditions of the billing system such as wrong bills, not receiving bills or instances of billing without reading the meter, or even wilful negligence.

13.5 lakh consumers

“There are approximately 13.5 lakh consumers with arrears to the tune of ₹2,500 crore in the domestic class and ₹1,500 crore in the commercial class.

For establishing functional water meters, 7 agencies already impaneled by the Delhi Jal Board may be addressed. Once the installation is done, the category certificate (A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H) may be provided, and the rebate will be automatically executed,” said Mr. Kejriwal.


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