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College of Engineering, Thalassery, Kerala

The website of the College of Engineering Thalassery gives important news about different training programs and events along with providing information about exams and tenders on the site. The website enlists the different departments that are situated in its campus and the different courses offered at these departments, the good faculty, and teaching staff that impart knowledge to the students at the facility and various associations with other institutions and universities as well. Along with that, there is an SMS alert app on the page that provides you alerts regarding important informative news that you might miss out on. The university page also caters to a student page, alumni pages, and syllabi for the courses, a wifi access form for the students, grievance addressing committees and policies for the proper behavior of student within the university. Meetings, programs, and events are outlined and highlighted on the site along with contact details.

To Know more visit https://cethalassery.ac.in