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Commissionerate of Taxes

The Commissionerate of Taxes is part of the taxation departments of Government of Assam, which is the revenue earning department of the state. The taxation department is headed by the Commissioner of Taxes. Their official site offers so info about what really Commissionerate of Taxes is all about. The Commissionerate of Taxes is responsible for administering various acts, with a few including the Assam Entry Act, 2008, The Assam Value Added Act, 2003, The Central Sales Act, 1956 and so much more. The site is quite informative and offers so many details related to the Commissionerate of Taxes. Get to know about their functions and so much more. There are details about their offices and jurisdiction. The site also offers e-services to the users of the site. The site offers an open platform on the acts, tax rates, rules and other various details concerned with the Commissionerate of Taxes.

To Know more visit https://tax.assam.gov.in