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Contractor Online Registration Monitoring Sysytem – Central Public Works Department (CPWD)

The website is owned by the Central Public Works Department and is dedicated to the enlistment of contractors with whom, the department can work. The website is used as a database of contractors of different public works. The website provides a chance for people to apply and be enlisted as contractors to. A portal has also been dedicated for those who apply and successfully get enlisted. The website is mainly for contractors, so they can be guided according to the rules and the website serves as a platform to address all the contractors and provide important updates so they can keep up with the changing laws and situations. In order to do so, circulars are uploaded online. Basically, the website is all about providing help and organizing the work related to contractors. It also displays other important links to official websites of related government departments. It also provides a forum for the enlistment.

To Know more visit https://cpwdcontractor.nic.in