Coronavirus latest updates: US Covid-19 deaths double in 2 days, topping 2,000 - - Telling the truth- always!

Coronavirus latest updates: US Covid-19 deaths double in 2 days, topping 2,000

NEW DELHI: There are over 663,000 coronavirus cases across the globe with more than 30,000 deaths. In India, five more people died of the infection on Saturday.
Maharashtra also reported 33 new cases, the highest number of cases in a single day, taking the state’s total Covid-19 cases to 186 – the highest in the country. Covid-19 cases across India surged to 987 with 109 new cases being confirmed by states on Saturday. The health ministry has confirmed 918 Covid-19 cases.
Here is a look at the latest updates on the outbreak of coronavirus in India and around the world —
US Covid-19 deaths double in 2 days, topping 2,000
Confirmed coronavirus-related deaths in the United States doubled in two days, surpassing 2,000 Saturday and highlighting how quickly the virus is spreading through the country.
Johns Hopkins University reported that confirmed deaths rose to more than 30,000 around the world. The US ranked sixth in deaths, after Italy, Spain, China, Iran and France. Italy alone had more than 10,000 dead. There are more than 121,000 cases in the US. The United States is now the country with the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases. Italy and China are second and third, respectively.
Massive evacuation operation on as huge mass of migrants heads out of Delhi
At a time when India is in lockdown, a massive evacuation operation to take lakhs of people home began in the early hours of Saturday at Delhi’s borders with Ghaziabad and Noida and continues as you read this report.
At least 1,000 UP Roadways buses, backed up by 2,000 private buses, trucks, trolleys, tractors, goods carriers and any other vehicle that the authorities managed to bring out of the lockdown ban were deployed to clear a staggering pileup of people who gathered at the sealed borders, imploring to be allowed to pass. The Delhi government too deployed 100 DTC buses to ferry people from the border to Hapur in west UP.
Amid exodus, govt identifies districts, villages for surveillance
The Centre has rapidly expanded Covid-19 surveillance to track thousands of migrant labourers going out of cities, particularly large ones like Delhi and Mumbai, to keep an eye on incidence of the disease in villages and districts where these workers are headed.
Throngs of people walking along highways set off fresh concern in the government, leading to the National Centre for Disease Control setting up mechanisms to follow the migrant paths.
Dire warning by health experts led to lockdown in India
The assessment conveyed by experts to the government was urgent: The number of Covid-19 patients would increase as people returning to India carrying the infection would come into contact with others and this required an immediate response.
Senior officials dealing with public health were unanimous in their opinion that a lockdown was the need of the hour.
Canadian PM’s wife has recovered from coronavirus illness
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s wife said Saturday that she has recovered from being ill from COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus.
“I am feeling so much better,” Sophie Gregoire Trudeau said. Trudeau’s office announced on March 12 that she had tested positive for the coronavirus after she fell ill upon returning from a trip to London.
Tatas pledge Rs 1,500 crore to help fight coronavirus
The House of Tata has pledged Rs 1,500 crore to combat the coronavirus crisis that has sent India into a lockdown. This is the largest commitment made by a business group in the country towards the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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