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CRRI – Central Road Research Institute

Central Road Research Institute

Road and road transport opportunities give a very mandatory means for the social, economic and technological advancement of any nation, to helps smooth traffic operation for better, sustainable and safe roads. The common Central Road Research Institute, popularly known as CRRI, is a leading national research institute in highways, traffic, and transportation planning and related areas. This institute grants the highest level of research and development work in the field of road transport and business consulting.

CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) was set up in Delhi in 1952 as a component laboratory of Scientific and Industrial Research Council of the Government of India. This institution has five km from Nizamuddin railway station on Delhi-Mathura Marg (NH-2). Me situated in a vast and beautiful campus on the distance. Detailed and unmatched infrastructural facilities are available for research and consultation in the regions of Roads and Runners, Traffic and Transportation Bridges and Geotechnical aspects.

Under the major R & D projects of CRRI, enhanced transport, bridge planning technology for pottim design and execution, road condition monitoring, pottim damage modeling, maintenance plan, and management system, land management and risk management, traffic engineering and management and emerging urban needs Is included. Other than this, the applied research in the field of rural roads, material characteristics, bottom evaluation, highway mechanics, data monitoring and resettlement of rivers, transportation planning, traffic engineering, road safety, and environmental problems and engineering aspects are integral to the program of this institute.

Training is a necessary activity of the institute. In accordance with the needs of several target groups, CRRI offers various retiree/training and development programs. So far, more than 25,000 highway engineers have been granted training in CRRI.

The institute maintains a relationship with various highway engineering research organizations located in the country and abroad for the exchange of information and technical expertise. There is a proper representation of the Institute in the TRB (United States), ARRB (Australia) TRL (England), World Road Associate (PINK) etc. at the global level.

In future projects of CRRI, the entire transport structure of the entire transport structure will be focused on a safe, intensive and efficient road transport system, covering per unit per unit. For this, multi-dimensional approaches have been taken by giving special emphasis on upgrading, maintenance and intellectual transport system for monitoring, mechanism development, characterization and improvement of material, potential assessment, and enhancement of ground improvement and gradient stability.

Because to both increase in quantity and axial load in the road transport, the upcoming work has become extremely challenging because in the near future a new generation of roads like highway and heavy duty route will be built. Therefore, the revamped methods of road construction, maintenance, and management are required. The CRRI is fully lashed to face this new challenge and is ready to give the highest level of R & D assistance to SAARC and other highway agencies of the Asia and Pacific region along with the India development plans.


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