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Day 3 of coronavirus lockdown: Ground reports from citties

Prices of vegetables dropped and traders sold greens at discounted prices to clear the stock. While at least five tonnes of perishable vegetables wasted because the market declared a holiday for two days on Friday and Saturday.

Around 24,000 home quarantine stickers have been pasted by Greater Chennai Corporation outside the city homes. Each house may have one or more suspect in quarantine

About 14,291 conservancy workers have reported for sanitation work in Chennai. Greater Chennai Corporation says only around 1,900 are absent, of which 1,013 are on authorised leave.

The chief minister has ordered setting up of nine committees led by senior bureaucrats to ensure uninterrupted supply of essentials and resolve disruptions in the state.

The Greater Chennai Corporation on Thursday tested drones for spraying disinfectant. Four drones would be used to spray disinfectants in areas like markets and crowded localities including slum tenements to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Each drone can spray disinfectants in a 50,000-square-foot area.

CCTV cameras help police in spotting crowds. Officers tasked with monitoring the unnecessary movement of people on the roads during the lockdown are finding it easy thanks to CCTV cameras at ATM kiosks, banks and jewellery shops among others.

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