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Director of Technical Education, Assam

The Director of Technical Education, Assam was established in the year 1927, is a superb engineering directorate that ensures that there are quality engineering colleges. Once you get onto their official site, you will find that there are so much about the Director of Technical Education. The directorate has primary functions. One of the main functions is to administer, supervise, control and plan programs for the development of ¬technical education at the degree and diploma levels. There are also other functions that the site explains to the users. The site also offers info on various institutes at degree, diploma and postgraduate levels. Get to know about various programs and departments on all levels, scholarships and so much. The Director of Technical Education, Assam is responsible for technical education and has achieved so much in Assam. The site is very simple and full of necessary contents that are very helpful.

To Know more visit https://dteassam.in