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Directorate of Higher Education

This is a website of Directorate of higher education Government of Assam. One can find information pertaining to the colleges under DHE, scholarships, pensions, literary awards and circulars etc.
Directorate of higher education (DHE) Assam takes after the command of National Policy on Education (1986) and Program of Action (1986, re-examined in 1992) with respect to the intercession of Higher Education. The University Grants Commission and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) assume a noteworthy part in the quality part of it. Users can find history and information about DHE, the mandate of higher education as well as their progress during five-year plans. Information regarding administrative structures, the profile of posts in colleges and pension cases forwarded to AG have also been provided. The contact information of the directorate and RTI request reception list is also provided. Users can access scholarship programs being offered by DHE Assam on the website.

To Know more visit https://dheassam.gov.in