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‘Does not gauge public opinion’: Jaitley says on Rahul Gandhi ‘dismantling PM’ remark

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday hit out at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi stating his revenge against Modi may not succeed and will end up as revenge against his own party.

Rahul’s statement recited in a media organization yesterday that “I have dismantled Modi’s image” was a giveaway, Jaitley said, asking how can the image of a person (Narendra Modi) be damaged when he is riding perhaps at the peak of his popularity and someone who is known to be incredibly honest.

“Can the image be destroyed by a person who belongs to a family which has been tainted through generations with charges of corruption?” he asked. “He does not gauge public opinion. He only talks but does not listen,” Jaitley stated. “His revenge against Prime Minister Modi may not succeed. It may well turn out to be revenge against the Congress.”

Jaitley spoke it was clear that Rahul concocts falsehood, as in the Rafale case, starts believing his falsehood to be true and eventually dreams that the falsehood has destroyed his opponent.

Jaitley proclaimed Rahul a dynast who buys his own propaganda even if there are not too many others willing to accept it. He said dynasts have a sense of entitlement and they believe that they were born to rule. Gandhi, he said, suffer from this sense of entitlement.

“Dynasts have a self-illusory opinion about themselves. They create a disproportionate image about their own abilities in their own mind and believe that the universe around them thinks alike. They tend to become megalomaniacs,” Jaitley stated. “Rahul Gandhi is no exception.”

The senior BJP leader said Rahul announced four months ago that Narendra Modi will lose in Varanasi and that the BJP will be reduced only to a couple of seats. “With Prime Minister Modi’s personal acceptability ratings today being close to 70%, Rahul proclaims that he is dead sure that Modi is very unpopular,” he stated.

Jaitley took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi saying he has a “disproportionate impression” about his oratorical skills when he challenges Modi, whom he called “one of the greatest communicators of his times”. Rahul, Jaitley attached, comes out with outrageous ideas about security, economy and social issues and believes that his views have found mass acceptability.

The BJP leader argued that the 2014 election was an utter shock to the Congress and losing to a person of modest origins and being reduced to the lowest ever strength in history, became unacceptable to the dynasty.

“It took them more than three years to get out of the shock of the 2014 rout,” he said, claiming that strategy devised was that Modi had to be fought and removed.


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