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Eco Friendly Ganesh idol : Install eco friendly Ganesh idol on Ganesh Chaturthi, see how to make here

How to Make Eco Friendly Ganesh: On Ganeshotsav, you can make an idol of Ganpati Bappa at home with sandalwood, flour, turmeric or Durva. Here we are telling you how to make Ganesh ji from clay.

According to the Hindu calendar, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated every year on the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada.This year it is Ganesh Chaturthi on 31st August.From this day the 10-day Ganpati festival is celebrated.In such a situation, people make Ganpati sit in the house.By the way, people bring Ganpati found in the market.But they are made of chemicals, so they are very bad for the environment.In this way you can make eco friendly idol.You can make this type of idol very easily at home.Here we are telling how to make eco friendly Ganpati idol at home.

how to make ganpati with clay

1) To make this, take clay and mix water well in it and knead the dough and then divide the dough into pieces.

2) Take one of the four pieces, flatten it and make the base of your statue.Use a scale to smooth out the edges.

3) Draw a round-shaped torso in the idol and use a toothpick to attach the body and base of the idol.If there is no toothpick, use 2-3 drops of water to stick both.

4) Make four long rolls to make the legs, arms and trunk of the idol.Take two rolls, flatten the ends of the rolls outwards and stick them on the torso of the idol.Take a roll, wrap it around the idol just above the feet and flatten one arm upwards so that it looks like a blessing. 

5) Make a palm for the idol.Make fingers and thumb on it carefully.Take another piece of clay and roll it into a ball shape and place it on top of the body.He is the head of the idol.

6) Take the last piece of the long roll and place it in the center of the head.Make the trunk, depending on your preference.You can also give the tip of the trunk a pointed look.

7) Make small sized balls for ears, eyes and laddoos.Use 3-4 drops of water for all of them and stick.Glue the ears and flatten them.Cover the eyes and keep laddoos on hand.

8) Draw designs on the idol.Use clay idol making tools to make dhoti.You can also keep a stole on one shoulder.

9) Give the final touch and place the Ganpati idol in a leafy bowl or any other thing.

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