What is Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan?

What is Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan

In pursuance of the focus on connecting school-based knowledge to live outside the school and making learning of Science and Mathematics a joyful and meaningful activity, to bring focus on innovation and use of technology, the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan(RAA) was set up by Ministry of Human Resource Development – a convergent framework that aims to create love for Science and Mathematics, nurturing a spirit of inquiry and creativity and effective use of technology amongst children and encourage those who show the talent and an inclination for these subjects to be supported and encouraged to heights of academic research and excellence.

Science, Technology and Innovation have proved as the biggest drivers of national development globally. India, with its near universalization of access in school education and expanding Higher Education and Scientific institutions both under the government and private sectors, wants to provide a direction to drive future innovations by time-bound children in exploration, discovery, and innovation to support a climate of innovation by teachers and students at school level.

The Kothari Commission (1964) saw that the future of sponsored is shaped in the classrooms and laboratories of schools, colleges and universities. India’s Curriculum Framework recognizes connecting knowledge to was outside the school and notes that learning takes place both within the school and outside the school and seeks to design learning method beyond textbooks and schools.


  • To enable children to become motivated and engaged in Science, Mathematics andTechnology (SMT) through observation, experimentation, inference drawing, model building, rational reasoning, testability programs, etc.
  • To create curiosity, excitement, and exploration among school children in Science, Mathematics, and Technology.
  • To create a culture of thinking, inventing, tinkering and doing to promote based learning in Schools.
  • To achieve learning levels appropriate to the class of study in Science and Mathematics.  To encourage and nurture schools to be incubators of Innovation.

Major goals of RAA:

  • Teacher Preparation for Science, Mathematics, and Technology: Pre-Service and InService
  • Assessment design for Science and Mathematics for students
  • Recruitment of Science and Mathematics Teachers.
  • Strengthening School Science Laboratories and Mathematics Laboratories
  • Provision of teaching-learning and supplementary books/materials to enhance the Science and Mathematics transaction in classrooms.
  • Use of Technology in Science and Mathematics teaching
  • Development of resource materials
  • Strengthening teacher support institutions and in the use of technology
  • Effective classroom transaction: the School Mentoring for Science & Mathematics teaching by Higher Education Institutions.
  • Teacher Circles in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Science/Mathematics Clubs for Children
  • Expand outreach of programmes of the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote science learning.
  • Participation of Students in Inter-school, State/National Maths, and Science Competitions/Olympiadsetc.
  • Organised visits to Science Museums and Science fairs and Mathematics Melas.
  • Parents and community sensitization.
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