What is the National Employment Service?

National Employment Service(NES) came into the operation in July 1945 for the purpose of resettling demobilized Defence service personnel and discharged War Workers in civil life through the network of employment exchanges managed by the then Directorate General of Resettlement and Employment (DGR&E) now known as Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGE&T). After Independence, the Directorate was also called upon to manage work relating to displaced persons from Pakistan.

Current National Employment Service functions within the conceptual framework of the ILO Convention No.88 on Organisation of Employment Service. Employment Services are provided free of cost. The main objective is a settlement of job-seekers either through regular jobs or through self-employment. For the furtherance of the employability of the job-seekers, a collection of employment market knowledge, career counseling, and vocational guidance are inbuilt in the system.

The network of the Employment Service combined of about 966(excluding rural and similar)  Employment Exchanges run by the State Governments. Private placement agencies are also working on a limited scale primarily in the urban area to cater to the requirement of the specialized fields in the organized sector. Such agencies which assist in achieving the above objective charge fees of varying amount both from the job seekers and employers.

Functions of the National Employment Service(NES):

The National Employment Service and for that matter Employment Exchanges functions within the guidance of Employment Exchanges ( Compulsory Notification of Vacancies ) Act 1959 enacted within the framework of ILO convention no 88. According to the act Notification of vacancies arising in all the public sector setups and non-agricultural setups in the private sector employing 25 or more workers is compulsory.

The National Employment Service also makes it obligatory on the part of such employers to furnish employment returns (called ER-I and ER-II) which give information on employment, vacancies occurred, mode of recruitment of persons in the vacancies occurred, occupational distribution of employees and educational requirements for those occupations etc.

Therefore the objectives of the National Employment Service, in brief, are as follows:

  1. Gather, compile and disseminate information on vacancies notified, employment in various industries, types of occupations in existence, qualifications required for various occupations, emerging trend of employment in various industries etc.
  2. To have a survey of demand (from notification of vacancies) and supply of labor (from registration of Jobseekers) in the Labour Market and adjust them.
  3. Making of the requisite database for manpower planning and management, career counseling and vocational guidance with a view to effectively guiding the job-seekers.
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