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Erode District, Tamil Nadu

Erode district is situated in Tamil Nadu state. This district is mostly covered by land. It has a dry climate with less rainfall. The soil found here is mostly red soil. They are stony, sandy and gravelly. Erode district is not rich in mineral wealth either. However translucent and opaque feldspar are found more in this district. There are three main rivers that flow across Erode district namely Bahvani, Noyyal and Cauvery. This district is mostly covered with forest area. Sandalwood, teak, pillaimaruthu, rosewood, and vogai are found in these forests. This district is involved in the trade, industry, and agriculture. The agriculture college and research institute provides all necessary training and education for better cultivation of crops. Cotton, tobacco, and Sugarcane are grown in Erode district. There are many handloom and textiles industries found in this district. Rice milling is another industry that is famous. Animal husbandry is another occupation that is done by many inhabitants if Erode district.

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