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Fact Check: Old video of Jammu bridge collapse shared as recent monsoon mishap from Maharashtra

Several western Indian states have been hit hard by heavy monsoon rainfall. About a hundered people have died in rain-related incidents in Maharashtra. A video of a bridge, supposedly from this region, collapsing has gone viral on social media.

The video shows a massive block of the bridge tipping over crumbling into a river as turbulent muddy waters exert force on it. Those sharing the video claimed the bridge connected the cities Akkalkuva and Ankleshwar in Maharashtra and Gujarat respectively. People also claimed this incident had disrupted transportation between these two cities.

A reverse search of the video’s frames led us to an NDTV from August 26, 2020. It used the same shot seen in the video. Per the report, strong currents of a swollen rivulet that flows into the Tawi river tore down half the bridge.Per the report, heavy rainfall in the region resulted in the mishap. Several mud houses also washed away in the outskirts of Jammu after the water levels of Tawi went up.

We also found that said the bridge was built over a nullah and worked as an important link between the Dharap and Bishnah tehsils of the Jammu district. After the incident, locals faced connectivity issues. Other media outlets like ABP News also shared the same video in their reports, making it clear that the video was indeed from Jammu.

We found no news reports that suggested a bridge between Akkalkuva and Ankleshwar had been destroyed. So, we reached out to Vishal Thakur Dhule, Aaj Tak’s Akkalkuva correspondent. He confirmed that such an incident did not take place. However, he said that the region had experienced heavy rainfall in the last few days.Thus, we concluded that an old video from Jammu was shared with a false claim. The broken bridge has nothing to do either with Maharashtra or Gujarat.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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