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Fight misinformation spread: PM to activists

NEW DELHI: PM Modi on Monday invoked the values and virtues of Mahatma Gandhi and urged people to serve the poor and downtrodden in the midst of nationwide lockdown.
Interacting with representatives of social service organisations, part of his series of interactions with people from different walks of life via video conference, the PM said, “Mahatma Gandhi used to say that serving the poor and downtrodden is the best way to serve the nation.” He said the entire nation is displaying immense resilience, grit and patience in facing the challenge of Covid-19.
“The nation is facing an unprecedented crisis and needs the service of these organisations and their resources like never before,” Modi said and suggested that they play a huge role in arranging for basic necessities for the poor, and dedicating their medical facilities and volunteers to serving patients and the needy.
The PM said the organisations have a big role to play in countering superstitions, beliefs and misinformation. He observed that in the name of beliefs, people have been seen gathering in places and flouting social distancing norms which is critical to control the spread of the virus.
Modi stressed on the importance of giving medical and scientific advice and countering misinformation.

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