What is Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana?

What is Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

Under – sustenance proceeds to unfavourably influence larger part of ladies in India. In India, each third lady is undernourished and consistently lady is weak. An undernourished mother unavoidably brings forth a low birth weight child. At the point when poor nourishment begins in the womb, it reaches out for the duration of the existing cycle since the progressions are to a great extent irreversible. Attributable to monetary and social misery numerous ladies keep on working to gain a living for their family up to the most recent long stretches of their pregnancy. Besides, they continue working not long after labour, despite the fact that their bodies probably won’t allow it, in this way keeping their bodies from completely recouping on one hand, and furthermore blocking their capacity to solely breastfeed their young baby in the initial a half year.


  • Giving fractional remuneration to the wage misfortune as far as money motivator with the goal that the lady can take sufficient rest when the conveyance of the primary living kid.
  • The money impetus gave would prompt enhanced wellbeing looking for conduct among the Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers (PW& LM).

Target recipients

  • Every single Pregnant Woman and Lactating Mothers, barring PW&LM who are in general work with the Central Government or the State Governments or PSUs or the individuals who are in receipt of comparative advantages under any law for now in compelling.
  • All Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers who have their pregnancy on or after 01.01.2017 for the first youngster in the family.
  • The date and phase of pregnancy for a recipient would be tallied concerning her LMP date as specified in the MCP card.

Advantages under PMMVY

  • Money motivation of Rs 5000 of every three portions i.e. first portion of Rs 1000/ – on early enrollment of pregnancy at the Anganwadi Center (AWC)/affirmed Health office as might be distinguished by the particular regulating State/UT, second portion of Rs 2000/ – following a half year of pregnancy on accepting no less than one stake natal registration (ANC) and third portion of Rs 2000/ – after labour is enlisted and the kid has gotten the main cycle of BCG, OPV, DPT, and Hepatitis – B, or its comparable/substitute.
  • The qualified recipients would get the motivator given under the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) for Institutional conveyance and the impetus got under JSY would be accounted towards maternity benefits so that on a normal a lady gets Rs 6000/-.

Enrollment under the Scheme

  • For enrollment, the recipient will present the endorsed application Form 1 – A, finish in all regards, alongside the important archives and undertaking/assent appropriately marked by her and her significant other, at the AWC/affirmed Health office.
  • While presenting the frame, the recipient will be required to present her and her better half’s Aadhaar subtle elements with their composed assents, her/significant other/relative’s Mobile Number and her Bank/Post Office account points of interest.
  • The recommended frame (s) can be acquired from the AWC/affirmed Health office free of cost. The form(s) can likewise be downloaded from the site of Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  • The recipient would be required to top off the recommended plot frames for enrollment and claim of the portion and present the same at the Anganwadi Center/affirmed Health office.
  • The recipient ought to acquire affirmation from Anganwadi Worker/ASHA/ANM for the record and future reference. For enrollment and claim of first portion, appropriately filled Form 1 – An alongside duplicate of MCP Card (Mother and Child Protection Card), Proof of Identity of Beneficiary and her Husband (Aadhaar Card or allowed Alternate ID Proof of both and Bank/Post Office Account points of interest of the recipient is required to be submitted.
  • For asserting the second portion, the recipient is required to submit appropriately topped off Form 1 – B following a half year of pregnancy, alongside the duplicate of MCP Card, appearing no less than one ANC.
  • For asserting the third portion, the recipient is required to submit appropriately topped off Form 1 – C alongside duplicate of labour enlistment and duplicate of MCP card demonstrating that the tyke has gotten the first cycle of vaccination or its proportionate/substitute.
  • In the event that a recipient has gone along the conditions stipulated under the plan, however, couldn’t enroll/submit guarantees inside the stipulated time can submit claim(s) – A recipient can apply, any time of time yet not later than 730 long stretches of pregnancy, regardless of whether she had not asserted any of the portions prior but rather satisfies qualification measure and conditionality’s for getting benefits.
  • In situations where LMP date isn’t recorded in MCP card viz. a recipient desires case of the third portion under the plan, the claim in such cases must be submitted inside 460 days from the date of birth of the tyke past which period no claim will be engaged.
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