Global Powers On Syria- Who Is Stronger & What's The Gain?
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Global Powers On Syria- Who Is Stronger & What’s The Gain?


Turkey pulsated Kurdish militia in northeast Syria for a second day on Thursday. The step led to tens of thousands of people to flee and killings of at least dozens of people in a cross-border assault on U.S. allies that has turned the Washington establishment against President Donald Trump.

The offensive against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) led by the Kurdish YPG militia began days after Mr. Trump pulled U.S. troops out of the way. This was followed by a phone call with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, which opens one of the biggest new fronts in years in an eight-year-old civil war that has moved into global powers.

America’s Reaction On This Issue

The ongoing violence in the region severely undermines the Defeat-ISIS campaign, endangers civilians and religious minorities, and threatens the security of the entire region, the White House said.

We put the strongest sanctions that you can imagine, but they get a lot; we have a lot in store if they don’t have an impact, including massive tariffs on steel. They ship a lot of steel to the United States. They make a lot of money shipping steel. They won’t be making so much money,” Mr. Trump said.

Coming to talk about America and this issue- 

The SDF has been the main confederates of U.S. forces on the ground in the battle against Islamic State since 2014. They have been holding thousands of captured I.S. fighters in prisons and tens of thousands of their relatives in detention. 

The U.S. has received a high-level commitment from Turkey on taking accountability for Islamic State hostages but has not yet had detailed discussions, the official said.

India’s Reaction On This Issue

On Thursday, India described Turkey’s military action in Syria as unilateral and urged Ankara to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria. The comment from the Ministry of External Affairs called upon Turkey to exercise restraint.

“We are deeply concerned at the unilateral military offensive by Turkey in north-east Syria. Turkey’s actions can undermine stability in the region and the fight against terrorism. Its action also has the potential for causing humanitarian and civilian distress,” said the Ministry of External Affairs in a press release.

Iron Brothers’s Reaction

China, on Tuesday, called on Turkey to stop its military action, saying it could lead to an escape of I.S. militants exasperating international counter-terrorism efforts.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang during a media briefing here said Turkey should seek political and diplomatic settlement of the issues under the framework of U.N. charter and international law.

Pakistan has supported Turkey in its offensive against Kurdish forces in Syria, with President Recep Tayyip expected to visit Islamabad later this month.

It has come to the notice that China’s criticism of Turkey’s offensive against the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) puts Beijing and New Delhi on the same page, oddly on the counter-terrorism issue.


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